- Intro -

This site is a personal collection of Standard MIDI Files (SMFs). All data was remixed from original SMFs I found in the World Wide Web.

If you are interested in my sources, have a look at the respective «Notes and Sources» files where I listed the original composers' homepages, if available.

You can only listen to this music properly if you play it on Roland's SoundCanvas SC-88 Pro MIDI Sound Generator. When playing it on your Soundblaster Soundcard only a part of the data will be recognized and the music might sound strange or poor (e. g. all inserted effects won't be heard).

It is not the intention of this site to profit from other people's creativity. I tried to contact all composers of the original music to get their publishing permission. This was not always possible, e. g. in case of Arabic Popular Music, where the MIDI sequences are published without any credits. If you know anyone of the unknown sequencers of music presented on this site, please let me know. I will contact him/her immediately to get his/her publishing permission. Otherwise, I will remove the data.

I hope you will enjoy the various genres of music on «Global Surveyor». Place your comment in my Guestbook, if you like!

Eibelstadt, Germay, the 1st of March 2004

Stefan Hetzel