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How to make use of my files

The SMFs on this page are, except otherwise stated, designed for specified outboard sound expanders or virtual instruments, so if you try to play them on your internal soundcard, you will hear noise only. Try the MP3s instead, if available.

Click a Play SMF! icon to start the playback of a copyrighted SMF or right-click to download the file to your local machine.

On right-clicking one of these Download zipped Archive! icons you can download a zipped archive containing all SMFs of a certain collection.

On clicking a Download mp3! icon you can download an MP3 version of the composition (320 Kbps, Stereo) from The Internet Archive. There are always only my two latest compositions available as MP3s.

Special note concerning the SD80/90 files: MIDI needs about 30 seconds to process the sound module settings in the file header. Be patient, the music will start afterwards ;-) Apart from this, you'll see some "Check Sum Errors" on your StudioCanvas's Display. I don't know how to avoid this (yet). On my system, this doesn't affect the performace at all. If you have difficulties processing the files, feel free to contact me.

Special note concerning the files for Vienna Instrumens: To play SMFs using just one instrument, you need the Vienna Instruments Standalone Player, a mono-timbral host software by Vienna Symphonic Library. To play files using several instruments, you need VSL's Vienna Ensemble, a standalone multi-timbral host and mixing software. Both are free for all owners of a Vienna Instrument. Apart from this, you have to own the Special Edition Libraries specified here. Moreover, a Standard MIDI File Player (e. g. Winamp) has to be present that can route his output to the Standalone Player / Vienna Ensemble (e.g. via MIDI Yoke) . To get things to work, do the following:

  1. Route your MIDI File Player's output to the Standalone Player / Vienna Ensemble.
  2. Right-click on a Download fpx-Project Settings for Vienna Instruments Standalone Player / Download viframe-Project Settings for Vienna Ensemble icon to download the fxp / viframe file.
  3. Start the Standalone Player / Vienna Ensemble in standalone mode on your computer.
  4. Standalone Player: Insert some appropriate reverb in your sound card's audio output. VIenna Ensemble: Insert some appropriate reverb in the Master Bus.
  5. Load the fxp / viframe file in the Standalone Player / Vienna Ensemble and wait very patiently until the libraries have loaded in your computer's RAM.
  6. Click the SMF icon to trigger your SMF Player
  7. Miraculously the music is played the way i intended it ;-)