Japanese Modular
East Asian Desktop

About rewriting what has been written before

These collections of music could be called a virtual collaboration between one German and many (mainly) Japanese desktop musicians. But the workflow was uni-directional: I remixed the output of my talented colleagues which they considered as finished compositions (in various styles which they call themselves "Techno", "House", "Drum & Bass" or "New Age"). Because my Japanese collaborators made the fatal "mistake" to publish their work as Standard MIDI Files (SMF), it could easily be analyzed, deconstructed and remixed.

Sure it was big pleasure for me to re-write what has been written before! I felt a bit like Igor Stravinsky de-composing the music of 18th century composer Giovanni Battista Pergolesi (which resulted in his famous ballet "Pulcinella"). My attitude towards the originals shifted from irony to admiration and back.

By the way: as far as I know, none of the featured composers earns a living with his work, all of them could be called "hobbyists". I never met anyone of them in person, I choosed the tunes by musical criteria only, browsing the Internet for "Original MIDI Compositions for Roland's SC-88 Pro Sound Module".

I hope the listener will have the same pleasure in listening to this New Millennium Instrumental Pop Music as I had in working it out!

Why two collections?

Japanese Modular contains tunes that are more on the Easy Listening side, East Asian Desktop Music shows the more excentric, exploratory and dark side of East Asian creative spirit.

The Tunes

Here is some specific background information concerning the re-mixes. More general information about the original composers and similar artists can be found here.