This Web 1.0 webpage is no longer maintained, but will remain online for historical reasons. To stay informed on my compositional activities after 2014, please visit my Weblog. Thanks for 15 good years! - S.H. 2015-10-22

The PianoLog Files

Stefan Hetzel's Original Piano Music for General MIDI


What are PianoLogs? Well, you all know what WebLogs are: personal comments on more or less important topics, published on the web for immediate consumation. The Blog concept enables the (technically skilled) Web user to «shoot back». S/He is now able to comment on the flood of information that s/he is exposed to all day. By doing so, the Web user becomes a more active part of the information process, his/her EGO comes into play. PianoLogs are pieces of piano music that were created on a specific day. The basic material is improvised. The resulting MIDI data is recorded on a sequencer, where I do some post-production work (mainly cutting out redundancies and trying to "sharpen the image"). I invite you to hear these compositions as a musical WebLog, as a poetic comment on information. Meta-information, if you like. The music is free, but licensed.

S. H., August 2004, rev. November 2005 and April 2006