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2015-07-26 PianoLog 2012-05-06
2015-04-03 Ego Shooter Variation für 2 MIDI-Keyboards
2015-03-02 Ego-Shooter für Pianola
2014-10-12 Sonate 2006 für (MIDI-) Klavier
2014-10-12 Wüstenkunstsuite für (MIDI-) Ensemble
2014-10-04 Sykorujabing für (MIDI-) Klavier
2012-12-15 Marianische Suite für 3 Klaviere oder MIDI-Keyboards
2012-12-07 Spezialisierung, "Originalität" und Konformismus An essay by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-10-30 Das entleibte Ohr Ein Close reading zweier Texte des Komponisten Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf. An essay by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-08-04 Vom rhythmischen Aneinanderreiben der Vorderzähne Ludwig Wittgenstein und die Musik. An essay by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-07-14 Interaktivität 2.0 Artificial Intelligence and musical composition. A flash drama by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-06-25 Musik und Materie Nach dem haptisch erfahrbaren Tonträger. An essay by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-06-25 Von der Tomate zur Tütensuppe Evolution der "Neuen Musik". An essay by Stefan Hetzel (in German).
2012-05-30 Review of Craig Taborn's CD "Avenging Angel" (in German)
2012-05-15 Review of Christian Kracht's novel "Imperium" (in German)
2012-05-15 PianoLog 2012-03-08
2012-02-23 PianoLog 2012-02-11
2011-11-05 PianoLog 2011-11-03 (ImperiaLog01)
2011-09-11 PianoLog 2011-09-11
2011-01-27 Improvisation für Blechbläser
2010-11-21 2 new PianoLogs: "2010-11-06" and "2010-11-06 (well-tuned)"
2010-10-19 catachresis is a new techno track by shsmf
2010-10-14 runway is a new drum & bass track by shsmf
2010-09-25 "Tetraktys", an electroacoustic composition
2010-09-03 "Kiesel auf Rügen", a new electroacoustic composition
2010-08-29 2010 for Orchestra
2010-06-08 Some of my gloomy poems from 1991 and 1992
2010-04-05 "A Night at the Palace Pool" and "Farewell Perzina", two new electroacoustic compositions
2010-01-26 2005 for Orchestra
2009-12-21 Improvisation für Streichorchester
2009-11-16 Yes, I did a second String Quartet
2009-10-11 Watch Zitzmann + Hetzel live in concert
2009-09-13 PianoLog 2009-09-05
2009-08-30 2009 - a new chamber music composition
2009-05-11 PianoLog 2009-05-01
2009-03-01 Three unpublished PianoLogs from September and October 2008
2009-02-18 New composition For Marimba.
2009-02-09 Stefan Hetzel talking with Dennis Schütze about his favourite tracks.
2009-02-04 New Webpage KlangBildKörper
2009-01-12 PianoLog 2009-01-06 (Würzburg, omnibus-tuned)
2008-12-22 Documentation of the sound installation Soundhouse Prichsenstadt (Fluctin 05) of April 2008
2008-12-20 Electroacoustic Music: IPP 08 (CB)
2008-11-01 PianoLog 2008-09-06
2008-10-20 PianoLog 2008-05-18
2008-10-05 Player Piano Sonata 2008 3 Standard MIDI Files for Roland SC-88 Pro
2008-10-04 Articles Familienähnlichkeit and Solipsismusfor the Wittgenstein-Glossary (in German)
2008-09-14 Dr. Jazz meets Mr. Electrico 'Nowness' und elektronische Revolution. An essay by Rigobert Dittmann (in German).
2008-09-07 Anja Dyes' novel Wut (5. Lieferung)
2008-08-31 Article Logik for the Wittgenstein-Glossary (in German)
2008-08-30 Pussy Deluxe, a text by Anja Dyes
2008-08-30 Review of Norbert Niemann's novel "Willkommen neue Träume" (in German)
2008-08-13 PianoLog 2008-01-18 (omnibus-tuned)
2008-06-10 tlaxukies trëu, a new acousmatic work
2008-04-14 moxasylo is a new techno track by shsmf
2008-02-18 Morphe héroïque (Satie) for Player Piano is an algorithmic re-compositon of Erik Satie's "Prélude de La Porte Héroïque du Ciel" of 1894. It is delivered as a Standard MIDI File for Roland SC-88 Pro here.
2008-01-05 Two new acousmatic compositions: Theremin 01 and The Blur 02
2007-12-24 Anja Dyes' novel Wut (3. + 4. Lieferung)
2007-12-23 PianoLog 2007-12-22 (well-tuned)
2007-11-20 New Sound Installation Fluctin 04 (Spitäle Würzburg)
2007-10-15 PianoLog 2007-09-17 (well-tuned)
2007-09-16 PianoLog 2007-09-10 (well-tuned)
2007-08-08 2008 - a new chamber music composition
2007-06-10 Nebelhorn, a new acousmatic composition
2007-06-10 Two older texts: Zuckerfabrik (1991) and Erwin (1993)
2007-05-19 Two poems by German author Bettina Schmitz
2007-05-17 The Blur, a new acousmatic composition
2007-05-08 Fluctin, a CD-R with music for sound installations, is now available!
2007-05-05 21st Century Improvised Music, the first CD by Zitzman+Hetzel, is now available!
2007-04-28 PianoLog 2007-04-28
2007-04-10 New electroacoustic composition Bachlauf
2007-04-05 New Webpage The Improvised Music & Dance Project
2007-03-21 New Sound Installation Fluctin 03 (Maintor Marktbreit)
2007-03-02 Yes, I did a String Quartet
2007-02-17 Metal Springs, a new electroacoustic composition
2007-01-28 PianoLog 2007-01-25
2007-01-01 Piano-Rag Morph, a re-composition of Igor Stravinskij's (in)famous Piano-Rag Music of 1919, is now available as a Standard MIDI File for Roland SC-88 Pro Sound Module
2006-12-29 2 new Standard MIDI Files for Roland SC88Pro with music for Ralf Schuster's 2004 crime movie "Zu vermieten"
2006-12-23 2 new Standard MIDI Files for Edirol SD80/90 with music for Ralf Schuster's crime movie "Schiffe im Sand"
2006-12-19 New Webpage: Zitzmann + Hetzel - 21st Century Improvised Music
2006-12-17 2007 (Lieberose) - a new chamber music composition
2006-10-27 PianoLog 2006-10-27
2006-10-11 A new essay by Rigobert Dittmann: New Conceptions of Jazz? Auf der Suche nach dem 'Jazz' von heute.
2006-09-27 Seven new electroacoustic compositions: La Boqueria Distorted, Dwarf Miners, Der Gang, Inside the Bumblebeehive, Synth Remix, Großes Trauergeläute and Radio Kathmandu
2006-09-23 PianoLog 2006-08-15 (Lieberose)
2006-09-07 3 ambient tracks by shsmf are released on the cool expiremental netlabel: no feelings (ambient 4), unten (ambient 13) and beyond (ambient 14)
2006-07-30 2 older texts by Stefan Hetzel: Rausch (1996) und Unfall (1997)
2006-07-25 A new Poem
2006-07-06 Two new PianoLogs 2006-04-27 and 2006-07-04
2006-06-25 New composition for Orchestra: 2006
2006-06-09 Reworked chamber music composition Clarinet Scene (2001)
2006-06-03 New Composition Es kam und es ging (während ich schlief) for a film by Ralf © Schuster
2006-05-23 New Jazz Piano Improvisation: Time Remembered
2006-05-21 Bleeps, Bloops & Hisses, a new electroacoustic composition
2006-05-20 new house track by shsmf: rowing song
2006-05-08 PianoLog 2006-04-26
2006-05-06 new ambient track by shsmf: springbreak
2006-04-22 PianoLog 2006-04-22
2006-04-13 Ralf Schuster's experimental documentary movieNew York, September 2001
2006-04-02 New chamber music composition Cello Scene
2006-03-28 new track by shsmf: material
2006-03-10 3 new tracks by shsmf: the tunnel, ordinary music 01, lucerne idyll
2006-03-01 PianoLog 2006-02-28
2006-02-28 Anja Dyes' novel Wut (2. Lieferung)
2006-02-25 PianoLog 2006-05-25
2006-02-03 2 new house tracks by shsmf: line groover 04, line groover 05
2006-01-22 PianoLog 2006-01-22
2006-01-07 New Composition: Totenklage III
New Sound Installation Fluctin 02 (Moabit)
2005-12-06 Several shsmf tracks uploaded: Ambient 08/09/10, Line Groover 01/02/03
2005-12-03 New Webpage launched: My 9-11
2005-11-25 Anja Dyes' novel Wut (1. Lieferung)*
2005-11-18 New Webpage launched: Soundscapes
Soundscape 01, Soundscape 02, Soundscape 03
2005-11-02 PianoLog 2005-10-25
Three Movements and Kadenz for Player Piano
New compositions For Harp and For Guitar
2005-10-24 PianoLog 2005-10-24
2005-10-19 Remix of some Ambient tracks
2005-09-25 New Jazz Piano Improvisation: Very Early
2005-09-12 New Webpage launched: Jazz Piano Improvisations
2005-09-04 PianoLog 2005-09-04
2005-08-28 PianoLog 2005-08-28
2005-07-24 PianoLog 2005-07-24
2005-06-29 Several shsmf tracks uploaded: Ambient 04, Money Jungle 02/04/05/06
2005-06-18 The Contemporary Classical section within the Global Surveyor MIDI Remixes was deleted.
Upload of the new collection East Asian Desktop Music (10 Remixes, 4 completely new ones)
2005-06-13 New D&B tune: MoneyJungleNine
2005-05-08 Artikel Lebensform für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
MIDI Remix of Fake Ethnic composition Srinivas
2005-02-28 PianoLog 2005-02-20
2005-02-14 New Compositions 2004 and Ambient 13 (Bombus Variations)
2005-01-07 Artikel Gewissheit für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
2004-12-30 The MIDI Visualization Page was deleted.
2004-12-22 MP3 and Ogg versions of some original compositions available: Chamber and Orchestral Music, Piano Music
2004-11-07 MIDI Remix of microtonal Mbira Study
2004-11-01 MP3-Remixes of some original tracks: Ambient 01, Ambient 02, Ambient 03, MoneyJungleOne, MoneyJungleThree
New Electronica tracks (MP3): Ambient 12, Illbient 06, Illbient 07, Illbient 08
New D&B tracks: MoneyJungleSeven, MoneyJungleEight
2004-07-25 PianoLog 2004-07-25
2004-06-27 PianoLog 2004-06-27
Drei alte Gedichte
2004-06-12 Drei neue Gedichte
2004-05-20 Release of PianoLogs 2004-03-15 and 2004-04-11
2004-05-20 New Webpage launched: The PianoLog Files
2004-05-04 New Composition Evolution for a film by Ralf © Schuster
2004-04-18 New Composition New York, September 2001 for a film by Ralf © Schuster
2004-04-01 WebLog zur Homepage eröffnet.
2004-04-01 RSS Feed zum Online-Magazin Telepolis geschaltet.
2004-03-28 Bild und Ton vom Auftritt mit Ralf Schuster in Cottbus
2004-03-02 New composition Morbient
2004-03-01 New electronic composition Illbient 5
2004-01-31 New Webpage launched: Online Audio Resource by shsmf
2004-01-27 New Composition 3 to 4 (Die Kommissarin)
2003-12-31 Jazz Classics in Concert: Drei neue Songs von der kommenden Studio-CD Close To You
2003-12-31 Artikel Ethik für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
2003-12-29 Artikel Regeln für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
2003-12-07 Revised Versions of Ambients 1 - 3 (SMFs)
New Composition Ambient 11
2003-12-06 Komponieren als Meta-Sprachspiel Zeichentheoretische Randbemerkung zum besseren Verständnis meiner algorithmischen Kompositionen. Von Stefan Hetzel.
2003-11-30 MIDIWorks: Screenshots of MIDIWorks in action added.
2003-11-23 New Webpage launched: MIDIWorks Visualizations of Original MIDI Data for SC88Pro
2003-11-22 Unzeitgemäße Betrachtungen Asmus Tietchens erhält den Karl-Sczuka-Preis 2003. Von Rigobert Dittmann.
2003-11-05 Revised Version of Abdel Halim Hafez' Sawwah (SMF)
2003-10-26 New compositon 2003 for Strings, Brass, Keyboards, Harp and Percussion (SMF, RealAudio, MP3)
MP3 Versions of some compositions
Integrated content of the Webpage "For Pleasure Only" in the "In-Different Styles"-Webpage. Deleted "For Pleasure Only".
2003-09-21 Serie Malta 2003 für das Fotoalbum
2003-08-16 3 new SMF Remixes of Arabic Popular Music
Revised Version of George Wassouf's Kalam El-Nas (SMF)
2003-08-11 Artikel Grammatik für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
2003-07-13 4 new SMF Remixes of Arabic Popular Music
2003-06-29 SMF Remix of Mohamed Mohie's Aatbak Ala Eih
2003-06-22 Artikel Religion für das Wittgenstein-Glossar
2003-06-19 Revised Version of Samira Saied's Shoak Ala Shoak (SMF)
2003-06-16 Revised Version of Marcia funebre for Chamber Ensemble (SMF)
2003-05-03 New Webpage launched: For Pleasure Only Original Digital Audio Files (*.mid, *.rm, *.mp3)
2003-04-21 In-Different Styles: SMFs Cool Constructions No. 1 - 4
StreamingAudio samples of some compositions
2003-04-18 Jazz Classics in Concert: StreamingAudio-Demo
2003-04-10 Jazz Classics in Concert: MP3-Demo im Trioformat mit Kontrabassist Klaus Ratzek
2003-02-16 Global Surveyor: Final Remix of the SMF collection Japanese Modular Music
2003-01-25 Anmerkungen zu Felix Klopoteks Textsammlung "how they do it". Von Rigobert Dittmann.
2003-01-05 Konzertbesprechung Wollscheid + Tietchens
2003-01-05 Anja Dyes' prose Prisma
2002-12-31 Rezensionen zu Tonträgern von John Wolf Brennan, Marilyn Crispell, Carolyn Hume, Denman Maroney, Patrick Scheyder, Irène Schweizer, Veryan Weston und Christine Wodrascka
2002-12-22 Ralf Schuster über CDs von Fehlfarben, Rocket / Freudental und Funny van Dannen
2002-12-06 Global Surveyor: Remix of Fizko's Phalaenopsis
2002-11-24 Global Surveyor: Remix of fuyuno's shut-in
2002-11-23 Global Surveyor: Remix of fuyuno's device of time leap
2002-11-16 Global Surveyor: Remix of takeo's darkness
2002-11-10 Global Surveyor: Remix of calmsea's sight
2002-11-03 Global Surveyor: Remix of calmsea's ambiguity
2002-11-02 Global Surveyor: Remix of J-esperal's bring back my heart
2002-10-29 Global Surveyor: Remix of J-esperal's wind layer
2002-10-27 Global Surveyor: Remix of Tack's Fluctuation
2002-10-22 Global Surveyor: Remix of Tack's Hyper Ambience
2002-10-20 Global Surveyor: Remix of Death13's The Groovy Night
2002-10-14 Global Surveyor: Remix of Death13's Bronx
2002-10-11 Global Surveyor: Remix of June's rock 'n' roll silver car
2002-09-22 Rezensionen zu Tonträgern franko-kanadischer Komponisten Elektroakustischer Musik ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
2002-09-19 Der Böttger-Effekt Mythos "Basismaterial". An Essay by Asmus Tietchens (in German)
2002-09-14 Essay 02-09-11 Eine Nachbemerkung for My 9-11
2002-09-08 Reviews of Recordings by Ralf Schuster, Günter Heinz, Freddy Setz and Autechre (in German)
2002-08-30 Section Press for Stefan Hetzel, Composer
2002-08-04 Reviews of recordings by Marilyn Crispell, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Brandon LaBelle, Julien Ottavi, Fred van Hove und Jörg Maria Zeger (in German)
2002-07-29 Text for "Essays zur Musik" (in German) Meister eines musikalischen Informel Begegnung mit Asmus Tietchens im Würzburger "nulldrei.", 99-04-09
2002-06-09 L.W.? - - L.W! Ein Glossar zentraler Begriffe der Philosophie Ludwig Wittgensteins (1889-1951) - in German
2002-06-02 Sections Writings, Recordings and Photos for Stefan Hetzel, Composer
2002-05-25 MP3 demos of the band "Jazz Classics in Concert"
2002-04-09 Texts by Ralf Schuster (in German): A review of Norbert Kron's novel "Autopilot" and reviews of recordings by Einstürzende Neubauten and Zimtfisch
2002-02-15 Global Surveyor Exotic Music found in the Web, remixed for SC88Pro
2002-01-08 "Ich glaube nicht, dass Musik eine Sprache ist." Eine Collage zu Person und Werk des Komponisten Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) - in German
2001-12-05 Standard MIDI File Clarinet Scene
2001-11-28 Photos by Petra Winkelhardt of the band "Jazz Classics in Concert"
2001-11-26 Commented link list Algorithmic MIDI Composition Software
Standard MIDI File Septett
2001-11-05 Essay Kultur und Barbarei Manhattan im September 2001 for My 9-11 (in German)
2001-10-29 Sections Press and Biography for Stefan Hetzel, Composer
2001-10-19 Homepage Stefan Hetzel, Composer
2001-06-05 Review of Maxim Biller's novel "Die Tochter" (in German)
2001-05-28 Rigobert Dittmann's Essay Industrial Culture - Industrial Music
2001-05-23 Link list Contemporary Music composers using MIDI